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Our professional staff, led by Dr. John Rowe, believes in a preventative integrated "whole body" philosophy. We combine contemporary surgery and medicine with alternative, holistic approaches. It is our purpose to address the needs of our patients while being sensitive to our clients' concerns.   Our kind staff is ready to care for you and your loved ones. 


Our Liaison Makes Life Comfortable for You and Your Pet

In addition to our wonderful staff, our liaison is available to find answers to your questions, help you make your next appointment, and even bring you a beverage to make your wait more enjoyable.


We Love Your Pet

We really do treat your pet like family.  We  have pets too and know what it means to worry.  From surgical procedures to acupuncture and laser therapy, our dedicated and highly trained doctors and staff are here to serve you and your furry family members with compassion. 

If you see our candle burning...


someone is saying goodbye to a loved one. Please speak in hushed tones during this difficult time.

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24/7 Emergency Hospitals :

Blue Pearl 913-642-9563 (Overland Park, KS)

Mission Med Vet 913-722-5566 (Mission, KS)


From: Rudy J. Myer (and Mommy Julie)

My name is Rudy Jacob Myer and I have been coming to Aid Animal Hospital all my life since I was 3 weeks old. I came from a puppy mill and have had lots of health problems. I am now 10 1/2 and every time my Mommy brings me to see all my friends I get so excited. They know I am here even before I get in the door. They take wonderful care of me and I know I will always feel so much better when I get home. Dr. Rowe is the best. He knows just what to do when I come in. He's fixed my knees and my tummy and all kinds of things. He lets me give him lots of hugs and kisses. So does everyone. My Mommy can't tell me we are coming to see my friends until we are ready to go because I get so happy and excited to go.It is wonderful and my Mommy and I would never ever think of going anywhere else. We feel so at home and know we are special.Their motto "We treat pets like family" is very true. 

Thanks so much!

Rudy J. Myer (and Mommy Julie)

From: Rebekah Foote

Dr. Rowe performed acupuncture on two of my dogs.  Calamity had severe arthritis and the regular acupuncture treatments provided her much relief.  I know that we would not have had her for as long as we did if Dr. Rowe had not worked his magic.  He also did a few treatments on my dog Zoe for her general discomfort from diabetes.  These acupuncture treatments enabled us to enjoy our girls for a much longer period of time.  Many thanks to Dr. Rowe.

Rebekah Foote

From: Marsha Bjerkan

I have been going to Aid Animal Hospital for seventeen years. I would never think about going to any other veterinary clinic because of the care, love and compassion that is displayed and demonstrated with my dog, Andie and me!! Andie has had many health issues during her lifetime from allergies to tic disease and most recently a torn ACL. The doctors and the staff have always been there to care for my dog and they treat her as one of their own. They performed acupuncture that definitely helped expedite her recovery from surgery and called me simply to check on her progress. I absolutely love the way the staff interacts with their patients' owners. It makes me feel special and comfortable to think they not only care about my dog, but they care about me. Hats off to all of the staff and Dr. Rowe for providing a wonderful environment where patients and owners feel secure and comforted knowing that everything possible will be done to ensure a long healthy life for all our loved “family members”. Thank you for all that you have provided to Andie and me.

 Marsha Bjerkan

From: Ron Puttoff

We brought Maddie, our ten year old Westie, to Aid Animal Hospital about a year ago with two torn ACL's on her rear legs. She walked stiffly and painfully. Dr. Rowe did his first Acupuncture treatment and the improvement was instantaneous. We had several Acupuncture treatments every six weeks or so and Maddie is moving around much better,chasing chipmunks as before. Dr. Rowe has become our full time vet. He and his staff have provided the finest medical service we have ever had for our dog. I would encourage you to try Aid Animal Hospital for the good health of your pet.

Ron Puttoff

From: Michele Fricke

Dr. Rowe has treated all of my dogs over the years and has always given them wonderful care.  Since he added acupuncture to his practice he has helped five of my dogs, always with remarkable results.  My first was Elsa, a 12-year-old Golden Retriever with arthritis.  I am convinced she lived two more years, comfortably, because Dr. Rowe gave her back her mobility.  Next came Sandy, my puppy mill survivor collie.  I got her when she was 7 and she had plenty of health problems over the years, but as she aged and got a number of new maladies, Dr. Rowe often supplemented his treatments with acupuncture and I could tell it really helped.  Sandy lived to be nearly 15, which is an incredibly long life for any collie, especially one who had such rough early years.   Next came Jasper who had bouts of pancreatitis.  The medicine and acupuncture saved her more than once and she also had a long, comfortable life.  Now I have Harry, a collie with arthritis along his spine and mild hip dysplasia.  He had stopped playing entirely, which was just so wrong for the world’s happiest guy.  Dr. Rowe does regular acupuncture on Harry, who just melts into a puddle of relaxation about half way through the treatment.  When he comes home he takes a little Zen nap, and then wakes up as playful and agile as a puppy.  And finally there’s Nick, the survivor of a hoarding situation.  He’s a very frightened, sweet collie with arthritis.  Dr. Rowe comes to my house to treat him because he’s just too frightened to go in the car.  Every time he comes, Nick is less afraid of him because Dr. Rowe is always so gentle and patient with him.   With 7 dogs over the past 20 years I’ve seen a lot of vets but Dr. Rowe is by far the best.  He’s gentle, patient, compassionate, smart and up-to-date.  He’s given my dogs such excellent treatment and he’s given me peace of mind that I’m taking the best care of my dogs as I possibly can.  And he has the best staff ever.  I trust Aid Animal Hospital and everyone there to give my dogs the best, kindest treatment there is.

Thank you!

Michele Fricke

Meet Our AMAZING Team!

John E. Rowe, DVM,CVA Owner of Aid Animal Hospital


Dr. John Rowe received his veterinary degree from Kansas State University in 1990, and has been the proud owner of Aid Animal Hospital for almost two decades. Dr. Rowe is an accomplished surgeon, certified veterinary acupuncturist, and medical practitioner. He continues to search for new ways to improve the health and life of the animals he so lovingly cares for. Dr. Rowe feels strongly about keeping you informed of every aspect of your pet's health and possesses a wealth of knowledge concerning their overall care.


When not at the hospital, Dr. Rowe keeps an active lifestyle with his wife Tania and  children Nadia and Bella who also work at the clinic. He shares their household with their 3 dogs Pablo, Ramsey, and Walter.  The family also has chickens and cats, and plans on adding horses to their crew soon.

When we at AAH say that we treat your pet like family, we truly do. As pet parents, we know the value your pet has as a part of your family. We look forward to meeting with you and thank you for choosing Aid Animal Hospital to care for your pets.

Dr. Makenzie Evans


Dr. Evans graduated in 2016 from the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine with her doctorate  in veterinary medicine.  She is a native of South Carolina and will greet you with a smile and southern charm.  She has a couple fur babies of her own.  Dr. Evans and her husband enjoy spending time with their two cats, Arlemis and Tora.  The furry family members are joined by Ember, a black lab puppy that is keeping the newlywed couple on their toes!


In her free time, Dr. Evans enjoys being outside whether she's backpacking, camping, skiing, or playing competitive Frisbee, woodworking (she's planning on making her own furniture soon), and spending time with her husband.


Dr. Evans fits right in with our quirky bunch because she's not afraid to be herself, try new things, and be different - for instance, in college she showed chickens at the local 4-H.  She even won once!


Bella R.


Dr. Rowe's youngest daughter, Bella is one of our friendly receptionists.  She's eager to help and loves greeting our patients.  Bella is devoted to school, family, her music and volleyball in her free time.  She takes after her Dad as a drummer and is now playing guitar as well.  At home she helps take care of her three dogs named Pablo, Ramsey, and Walter.  She also has cats, chickens, and will soon have horses.

Nadia R.


Nadia is Dr. Rowe's oldest daughter.  As a technician she works to keep your pets happy and well cared for in the back.  From the time she was little, she and her sister Bella would read and sing to the hospital patients that her Dad would bring home. She is always chipper and ready to help.  In her free time she rocks the drum set and is an English equestrian rider.  At home she helps with all aspects of care for the Rowe crew, and does it with a smile!



Meet Jeremy!  As one of our compassionate and skilled technicians, Jeremy normally works with patients in the treatment area or assists in surgical procedures.  Jeremy has two cats, Salem and Jellybean.  Salem was actually abandoned at our clinic by his previous owner before Jeremy gave him a forever home.  Jeremy plans to buy a house very soon and plans on adding dogs to the family.  During his free time, Jeremy likes to spend time outdoors, go to concerts and paint.



Ashley has worked with AAH since 2012. With a B.S. in Animal Science, we are thrilled to have her in our family here at Aid. She brings a lot of TLC to our patients during their stay here and goes out of her way to make your furry family member comfortable. With a quick and witty sense of humor, Ashley is always fun to work with and an enthusiastic technician.



Tania works mostly behind the scenes doing payroll and staying close with our customer service team.  As Dr. Rowe's wife, she is lucky to be able to laugh both at work and at home.  When she's not taking care of the land they own, Tania stays busy with her business, IsaMia.  She also offers her services as an interpreter for the deaf.  Irresistibly drawn to all things furry, you may find her temporarily distracted by the adorable patients that visit us.  She offers no apologies for this.



Caitlin, another of our kennel attendants, can normally be found giving TLC to the pets that stay with us, whether it be boarding or hospitalization.  Caitlin likes taking guests for a frolic outside, cuddling, or just talking to them.  When not at work, Caitlin regularly paints live during art shows, attends festivals and spends time outdoors with her friends and family.  Caitlin is the identical twin sister of Annika, one of our vet techs, and regularly helps her out in the treatment area.  Caitlin has three Huskies named Nakita, Elvis, and Sweetness.



Meet Fallon, a life long family friend of the Rowes, who has worked at Aid Animal Hospital for years.  Fallon is one of our  kennel attendants and also helps our  technicians in back.  When your pet stays with us, she is one of the people who help walk, feed, exercise, and bathe your pet.  She also gives away cuddles and makes every pet's stay as comfortable and fun as possible.  Fallon likes to spend time with family and friends, hike, run, and walk her German Shepherd, Bella. 



This is Maddy.  She is another one of our compassionate kennel attendants as well as a long time  friend of the Rowe family.  When Maddy isn't at school or helping at the clinic, she spends time working with children in an after school care program, and has been doing so for years.   When there's free time, Maddy is a talented photographer and enjoys all things art related.  At home, if she's not working on her college homework, she's relaxing with family and friends, or her Calico cat named Callie.



Cailey is both a skilled receptionist and a kennel technician.  You will find her behind the desk, walking, petting or playing with our boarding animals.  She can also be found working with your pet in the treatment area.  When Cailey isn't working at Aid Animal Hospital, she's working on the home she and her husband bought last year.  Cailey and her spouse have quite an interesting family that consists of a cat named Terk, a ball python named Nagini, and a 60 gallon tank full of fish.  There are also three canine members of the family who often accompany the couple on their weekends at the lake.  Chance is a Great Dane mix who keeps the family on their toes.  Chance is big brother to Sookie Sue and Waylon, both long haired miniature dachshunds.



Rebecca is the newest member of the Aid Animal Hospital team.  You can find her working behind the front desk as one of our awesome receptionists or petting our patients in the waiting room.  Rebecca joined us after years in the veterinary field, and has a great deal of experience in customer service.  If she's not working, she's most likely  hunting for unique additions to her lamp collection or relaxing at home with her furry family.  Rebecca also enjoys hiking, reading books and doing puzzles.  Rebecca's crew consists of Stella, a playful shih tzu and her orange tabby named Tigger.   



Maggie is one of our energetic and friendly receptionists.  We have adoptable animals from time to time, and Maggie has proven to be great at finding homes for them!  She has seven years of experience in the animal medical field and is valuable in answering your questions.  At home she has a flat coated retriever named Jack.  Jack is a former shelter pup who loves hanging out with the reception team.  You will normally be able to find him behind the desk when you stop in at the clinic.  Maggie enjoys art, cooking, spending time with family and friends, and reading.



As a technician, Annika shares her fun-loving and positive attitude with everyone she meets, whether it be humans or animals.  You will notice that Annika is always smiling, and that she is quick to help others.  Annika enjoys spending time with her husband their two dogs,  Hank is a husky and his sister is a labrador named Bela.  



For almost 10 years, Corrine has worked as a technician at Aid Animal Hospital.  The furry part of Corrine's family consists of a black lab named Ace, a former street dog named Bob and a cat named June, and a ferret named Bueler.  Corrine enjoys playing volleyball, watching Netflix, and spending time with her family. 



Kale, one of our kennel attendants has ten years of veterinary care experience and can be seen taking your pets for frequent walks.  He is a dependable and cheerful member of our AAH family.  At home Kale has a Boston terrier named Perry, and two cats, Gemma and Simon.  Kale and his wife just welcomed a baby boy into their loving family.



Kerry is one of our helpful and knowledgeable receptionists.  Although she only works part time, she is a full time member of the AAH family and we are lucky to have her!  When she's not at the clinic, she works full time as a scientist.  When Kerry has downtime at home, she shares her space with her calico cat named Helen and her Australian shepherd Kali.

Our Resident Furry Helpers



Pilgrim is one of our resident cats and quite the social butterfly.  While he started life out a bit rough as a ferrel cat, he's become our  primary Greeter and Chief at AAH. You may find him lounging on the reception desk if he isn't supervising treatments in the back from his windowed perch.



Milo, our second feline greeter, skirts around corners, observing hospital life from a distance.  He and Pilgrim are quite good buddies and can be found taking the occasional mid-afternoon nap together. 



Hank, our third feline family member, is our funny, cross-eyed cutie who periodically graces our client's presence.  In his off time, Hank enjoys being held and complimented on his good looks.

Our Services



Here you can see one of our happy patients in Kansas City enjoying a little relief thanks to Dr. Rowe and a few acupuncture needles.

Acupuncture is one of the oldest healing practices in the world. Thousands of years ago, the Chinese civilization established a system of medicine that used diet, herbs, massage, exercise and a  treatment technique known as acupuncture to maintain or restore a balance between mind, body and spirit. 

Acupuncture involves the use of fine needles to stimulate the body to good health. It is based on the principle that the life energy that flows from the body organs can be disturbed by injury or disease. Known as QI or Chi, this energy stream can be restored by the insertion of thin needles at certain points along the meridian or energy path. Acupuncture helps strengthen the animal's immune system, relieve pain, and improve the function of various organs. It can help such fundamental problems as acute and chronic pain, paresis, arthritis, back pain,respiratory disease, gastrointestinal problems, neurological disease, as well as compliment the treatment of any disease process ailing the body. Treatment stimulates nerves, increases blood circulation, relieves muscle spasms, and causes the release of endorphins. Western medicine has been very slow to embrace acupuncture as a legitimate treatment for disease as well as preventative medicine, but after 30 years of exhaustive studies, it has been proven to have profound healing effects. Insertion of the needles is virtually painless. Most animals relax during treatment and remain calm for a day or two. Some ailments or injuries can be treated once, but more serious or complex problems may take more treatments to resolve. Once inserted in the appropriate points, the needles can be manually stimulated or micro electric currents can be used to provide more lasting effects. An examination is important with each treatment to determine the proper meridian and treatment protocol. For more information about acupuncture, contact Dr. John Rowe, veterinarian in Kansas City!



We are a full service surgical facility.  From spay and neuters to intricate cruciate ligament repair, to dental cleanings and extractions, our clinic provides your pet with the best care possible.  “Routine” procedures such as spays and neuters are not treated as routine.  Surgery, regardless of how many times it’s performed, is still surgery.  Anesthesia risks, pain and recovery are not just your concern, it is ours as well. After all, we have pets too. Pain management is high priority with the doctors and staff at Aid Animal Hospital.  Pets heal faster when pain is controlled.  We use many tools to assist in pain relief.  NSAIDS (non steroid anti-inflammatory drugs), acupuncture, laser therapy treatment, prescribed pain patches, local anesthesia, as well as other medications proven to help relieve pain are commonly used. Sometimes a combination of several of these treatments is recommended.  All of our surgical patients receive a pain injection prior to coming out of anesthesia.  We wouldn’t want our own pets to be uncomfortable and we don’t want yours to be either.   Your pet will receive a physical exam prior to anesthesia; will be monitored by our technicians during the procedure and while in recovery.  We strive to make the surgical experience as comfortable as possible for both you and your pet.



Our new facility has an extensive boarding area divided into several separate rooms to increase our furry guest's pleasure and reduce any anxiety.  For larger breeds, we have spacious runs to stretch out and lounge comfortably.  Each day our canine guests receive several escorted romps outside. Each of our canine guests will get a relaxing bath in our walk in tub before going home.  Our other patrons get plenty of VIP treatment too.  Call us crazy, but we find our boarders to be quite the intriguing conversationalists.

Laser Therapy


Aid Animal Hospital is proud to announce that we now offer laser therapy to pet owners in the Kansas City metropolitan area. The addition is part of Aid Animal Hospital's continued commitment in advanced technologies and progressive procedures in veterinary medicine.

Lasers have been used in human medicine for over 30 years, but are just beginning to appear in the veterinary field as doctors and animal lovers learn more about the benefits they can provide. Research indicates that the family pet is increasingly treated as a member of the family, and maintaining a quality of life for that pet is very important to their owners. Laser therapy provides us with an opportunity to meet the needs of our patients, and offer the highest level of care possible.

Laser therapy has several benefits over traditional pain and mobility treatments, including very rapid disappearance of pain, even that of neuralgic origin (pain coursing along a nerve). During therapy, the patented delivery system synchronizes superior energy frequencies delivering superior results in less time.

The versatility of the laser allows a doctor to treat sore muscles and joints, degenerative joint conditions, neurological pain, chronic non healing wounds as well as anti-inflammatory conditions.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding this or any other service we offer to improve the quality of life for you and your pet. We pride ourselves on staying on the leading edge of technology and medicine, and educating our clients on the various levels of care available. Laser therapy is the future of veterinary medicine and we feel our clients deserve to have that option when choosing the best care for their pet.



Our doctors and staff perform dentisry procedures. Dental disease is a common and often overlooked problem in pets. While cavities represent the most common dental disease of humans, dogs and cats are more frequently bothered by tartar buildup on the teeth. Tartar accumulation leads to irritation of the gums around the base of the teeth, ultimately leading to the exposure of the roots. Potential outcomes of this tooth root exposure include gum infections and tooth loss. The bacteria from the tartar can cause other serious health concerns. Bacteria in the blood stream can affect the liver, kidneys and heart as well as other aspects of your pet's health. It's not just about having clean fresh breath; it's a medically necessary procedure to prevent long term health issues. Proper cleaning of the teeth requires complete cooperation of the patient so that plaque and tartar can be removed properly. Anesthesia is required to thoroughly clean the teeth. Many owners have a high degree of anxiety related to general anesthetic, be aware that your pet's general health may ultimately be compromised by delaying proper dental care. To minimize risk, our hospital uses modern anesthetics that are deemed safe even for older pets. Also, depending on your pet's age and general health status, blood may be drawn prior to anesthesia to evaluate blood cell counts and blood chemistry.

Well Visits From Wee Ones Through Our Aging Patients


Regular visits are important and we provide the best in care for your fur babies through every stage of life.  Consistent check-ups are key to maintaining optimal health and wellness, particularly since our patients can't tell us when something doesn't feel quite right.  Healthy pets are happy pets. From screenings, vaccinations, x-rays, to supplements, AAH is committed to contributing to and supporting  the best quality of life for your loved ones.

Products We Love

Happy House Spray


A pet safe blend of essential oils in a 16 ounce spray bottle to freshen pet spaces and rooms.  We use it daily here at Aid Animal Hospital to naturally neutralize odors. $15.00

Derma-Strength Bite Sized Chews


Provides key ingredients to support skin health and post surgical recovery in dogs.

Perio Support


A dental supplement that supports your pet's periodontal health.

Vetri Liver Canine Bite-Sized Chews


A chew designed to support liver health and normal detoxification function.

Vetri Repel Wipes


A natural repellent to protect your pets from fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and flies.

Vetri Mega Probiotic Capsules


A non-dairy probiotic formulation to support digestive tract health.

More Products We Love

Vetri Lysine Plus Bite-Sized Chews


A tasty chicken liver flavored soft chew formula that supports immune system function.

Composure™ Bite-Sized Chews


Chews that provide calming support and alleviate stress-related behavioral issues.

Canine Plus Bite-Sized Chews


Chews that incorporate more than 55 synergistic factors not always found in dog food or ordinary supplements.

UT Strength Canine Bite-Sized Chews


A chew formula to support urinary tract health.

Renal Essentials Feline Bite-Sized Chews


A superior kidney support formula for optimal kidney function during times of stress.

Glyco Flex® 3 Bite-Sized Chews


Chews that provide extra strength joint support.

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