From: Rudy J. Myer (and Mommy Julie)

My name is Rudy Jacob Myer and I have been coming to Aid Animal Hospital all my life since I was 3 weeks old. I came from a puppy mill and have had lots of health problems. I am now 10 1/2 and every time my Mommy brings me to see all my friends I get so excited. They know I am here even before I get in the door. They take wonderful care of me and I know I will always feel so much better when I get home. Dr. Rowe is the best. He knows just what to do when I come in. He's fixed my knees and my tummy and all kinds of things. He lets me give him lots of hugs and kisses. So does everyone. My Mommy can't tell me we are coming to see my friends until we are ready to go because I get so happy and excited to go.It is wonderful and my Mommy and I would never ever think of going anywhere else. We feel so at home and know we are special.Their motto "We treat pets like family" is very true.
Thanks so much!
Rudy J. Myer (and Mommy Julie)

From: Rebekah Foote

Dr. Rowe performed acupuncture on two of my dogs.  Calamity had severe arthritis and the regular acupuncture treatments provided her much relief.  I know that we would not have had her for as long as we did if Dr. Rowe had not worked his magic.  He also did a few treatments on my dog Zoe for her general discomfort from diabetes.  These acupuncture treatments enabled us to enjoy our girls for a much longer period of time.  Many thanks to Dr. Rowe.
Rebekah Foote

From: Marsha Bjerkan

I have been going to Aid Animal Hospital for seventeen years. I would never think about going to any other veterinary clinic because of the care, love and compassion that is displayed and demonstrated with my dog, Andie and me!! Andie has had many health issues during her lifetime from allergies to tic disease and most recently a torn ACL. The doctors and the staff have always been there to care for my dog and they treat her as one of their own. They performed acupuncture that definitely helped expedite her recovery from surgery and called me simply to check on her progress. I absolutely love the way the staff interacts with their patients' owners. It makes me feel special and comfortable to think they not only care about my dog, but they care about me. Hats off to all of the staff and Dr. Rowe for providing a wonderful environment where patients and owners feel secure and comforted knowing that everything possible will be done to ensure a long healthy life for all our loved “family members”. Thank you for all that you have provided to Andie and me.
Marsha Bjerkan

From: Ron Puttoff

We brought Maddie, our ten year old Westie, to Aid Animal Hospital about a year ago with two torn ACL's on her rear legs. She walked stiffly and painfully. Dr. Rowe did his first Acupuncture treatment and the improvement was instantaneous. We had several Acupuncture treatments every six weeks or so and Maddie is moving around much better,chasing chipmunks as before. Dr. Rowe has become our full time vet. He and his staff have provided the finest medical service we have ever had for our dog. I would encourage you to try Aid Animal Hospital for the good health of your pet.
Ron Puttoff

From: Michele Fricke

Dr. Rowe has treated all of my dogs over the years and has always given them wonderful care.  Since he added acupuncture to his practice he has helped five of my dogs, always with remarkable results.  My first was Elsa, a 12-year-old Golden Retriever with arthritis.  I am convinced she lived two more years, comfortably, because Dr. Rowe gave her back her mobility.  Next came Sandy, my puppy mill survivor collie.  I got her when she was 7 and she had plenty of health problems over the years, but as she aged and got a number of new maladies, Dr. Rowe often supplemented his treatments with acupuncture and I could tell it really helped.  Sandy lived to be nearly 15, which is an incredibly long life for any collie, especially one who had such rough early years.   Next came Jasper who had bouts of pancreatitis.  The medicine and acupuncture saved her more than once and she also had a long, comfortable life.  Now I have Harry, a collie with arthritis along his spine and mild hip dysplasia.  He had stopped playing entirely, which was just so wrong for the world’s happiest guy.  Dr. Rowe does regular acupuncture on Harry, who just melts into a puddle of relaxation about half way through the treatment.  When he comes home he takes a little Zen nap, and then wakes up as playful and agile as a puppy.  And finally there’s Nick, the survivor of a hoarding situation.  He’s a very frightened, sweet collie with arthritis.  Dr. Rowe comes to my house to treat him because he’s just too frightened to go in the car.  Every time he comes, Nick is less afraid of him because Dr. Rowe is always so gentle and patient with him.   With 7 dogs over the past 20 years I’ve seen a lot of vets but Dr. Rowe is by far the best.  He’s gentle, patient, compassionate, smart and up-to-date.  He’s given my dogs such excellent treatment and he’s given me peace of mind that I’m taking the best care of my dogs as I possibly can.  And he has the best staff ever.  I trust Aid Animal Hospital and everyone there to give my dogs the best, kindest treatment there is.
Thank you!
Michele Fricke